To make our garments look better, many of us do laundry regularly. For this purpose, two common appliances that people use nowadays are steam press and conventional iron. So a common question might often arise in your mind and that is, which one would be better?

Steam Press Vs Conventional Iron

Since both of these appliances have their advantages and disadvantages, you have to choose one according to your requirements. Steam press is a modern appliance that was not available some decades before. After it came into the market, the use of conventional iron had lessened.

As steam pressers have a great ability to remove wrinkles from clothes, the machine became increasingly popular. However, it doesn’t mean that conventional irons have become outdated. Rather, conventional irons are getting their popularity back because of some certain issues in steam pressers. In this article, we will focus on the benefits and difficulties related to both steam pressers and conventional irons.

Comparing the Steam Press vs Conventional Iron

Steam Press

This modern laundry tool is day by day getting more popularity because of the multiple advantages it offers. First of all, its working principle is quite different from conventional irons. This machine has a board attached with itself though conventional irons don’t have such boards. All you have to do is placing the clothes on its board and closing its top-down on the clothes.

Steam Press

The heat and steam emitted by this machine press the clothes for ironing. Thus, there is no necessity to move the clothes back and forth like typical irons. In addition to this, steam pressers can iron your clothes faster than conventional irons. There is also less possibility of your clothes being damaged even if you leave the machine in one spot for a while… Moreover, the smooth surface of the steam presser removes the wrinkles on your clothing so quickly and effectively.

Besides, it has various ironing settings depending on the type of fabric you would like to iron. Other options of steam pressers include automatic shut-off and alerts notifying you when steaming power goes high and when your clothing is ready. So you don’t need to worry about safety issues if you use a steam presser.

Steam pressers are compact and can hold a larger amount of water compared to typical steam iron.
However, it is not possible to carry out 360 ironing with a steam presser usually. That is why; difficulties arise when someone tries to iron a skirt by a steam presser without having a look at the creases. Since the top plate of the steam presser is attached to the board, it cannot iron all parts of a skirt successfully which a conventional iron can do. For most steam pressers, you would require a sturdy stand though a few can be placed in the tabletop. It is also not so easy to store a steam presser when the space is small.

Conventional Iron

In conventional irons, there is a separate ironing board on which the clothing material is placed. It generally uses steam or heat or a combination of both to operate. When you use a conventional iron, you should not leave it in a particular spot for too long because if you do so, it can damage your clothes. You can easily use typical irons on smooth fabrics. It works excellently well on fabrics like Pima cotton, twill, etc. For clothes having creases such as shirts and trousers, it is better to use a conventional iron instead of the steam presser. However, it does not work so well on sleeves or pleats.

Conventional Iron

Since a conventional iron is maneuverable; you can reach the corners of a cloth for ironing which you cannot do with steam pressers. Unlike steam pressers, conventional irons are very easy to store. You just have to take back the cords, wrap it around the iron and place it on a shelf.

However, without replacing water in a conventional iron, you cannot iron a lot of clothes. Sometimes, you may still find wrinkles on your clothes after having an ironing session.

Conventional iron vs. Steam Presser

Conventional irons take a lot of time and energy for making better results. On the other hand, steam pressers have reduced the time and energy for ironing purposes though it is a bit costly.
Conventional irons have a higher risk to damage your clothing often while steam pressers have safety measures.
Despite having some good inconveniences, conventional irons give better performance than steam pressers in terms of removing crease lines, pressing seams, delivering crisper cuffs and collars.

To sum up, the steam press would be the winner because of its ability to lessen your time and effort to iron your clothes.