An electric cloth iron has some common parts. Usually, we don’t know the specification of all the parts. Today, we are sharing the brief knowledge regarding the parts of an electric iron. If you know a bit about those parts you can choose a good steam iron easily. let us see the brief discussion below.

Common Parts Of An Electric Cloth Iron

Sole Plate

The sole plate is a slab of thick and triangular shaped slab of iron. It forms the base of the electric iron is built up. It is a thick and triangular shaped slab of iron. The bottom part of the sole plate is so strong with heavily chromium plated for preventing rust.

Pressure Plate

The pressure plate is the top plate that follows the same shape of the sole plate. It has several holes by which the studs form the base plate passes. The nuts on the studs must be tightened enough so that the pressure plate and sole plate connected tightly against each other.

Heating Element

Heating element located between the sole plate and pressure plate. It pressed hard between these two plates. It features nichrome wire with a sheet of mica wounded around. Both the end of the nichrome wire keep connected to the contact strips.

The Cover Plate

This part of an electric iron is made of the thin iron sheet. It usually finds in the top of the base plate. Handle usually keep connected to the cover plate. The cover plate is the part that contacts directly with ironing board covers during pressing clothes.


The handle is another important part of an electric iron. It can be wooden or plastic made. It attached to the cover plate with screws. A good handlebar bar makes the ironing a breeze.

Pilot Lamp

Pilot Lamp located on the cover plate of the iron. One side of the lamp is attached with supply and another side is related to the heating element. There is a shunt resistance across the pilot lamp that provides a voltage drop of 2-5 volts.


The Thermostat is the most important part of an electric cloth iron. Thermostat uses a bimetallic strip to operate the switch that is related in series with the heating element or the resistance. It is a simple element that converts the temperature change into mechanical displacement.

However, a bimetallic strip features two metals that are bonded together that should coefficient of expansion. It actually keeps the temperature constant within certain limits.


A capacitor with specific range also connected across the two contact points. Often making and breaking of circuit damage the contact points. It can lead to interference with radio reception. This is why capacitor is an important part of an electric iron. A capacitor prevents those issues.

Those are the parts of an electric steam iron. While going to purchase an electric iron you should carefully check everything. Otherwise, you may end up with a crap. If you don’t yet understand how it works and how the parts work, then you should purchase branded products.Why is that? Well, products from well-known brand last a bit more than non branded products.

We are wrapping up now. Promise to see you soon with other essential facts and hacks. In the meantime read about common ironing mistakes.