Pressing clothes is the everyday necessity. Nobody likes wrinkles in their clothes. Besides, we need to attend school, college, university, office, party and many other social gatherings where we need to look cool and formal. So, need a proper pressing station with an ironing board cover.

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For pressing clothes properly you have to grasp proper accessories beside a good steam iron. Ironing board cover is one of the essential accessories for perfect pressing. Today we will show you some of the best ironing board covers with appropriate reviews. Stay connected for a better deal.

Best Ironing Board Cover Reviews: Our Top Picks

Well, making a list from such humongous options wasn’t an easy task. We had to research for over a week to pick the ultimate options. at first, we talked with some manufacturer to know about their making process as well as the materials they use.

After that, we visited some of the local shops to examine the products by ourselves. And in the final step, we read thousands of reviews of the customers. So, this one is the most duly  reviewed list of top ironing boards of 2018. Let’s not waste any more time rather read the best ironing board cover reviews quickly.

EPI Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover

The EPI Epica Silicone Coated Board Cover places the top position in our best ironing board cover reviews because of excellent built quality. It can easily handle regular ironing sessions. It is silicone coated and comes with heavy duty padding that makes it incredibly durable.

Therefore, it fits in the most of the ironing board perfectly. Over this cover, you can perfectly press your cloth and this cover makes the ironing faster. The price of the cover is reasonable as well.

Whitmor Deluxe

Whitmor Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and Pad

The Whitmor is one of the biggest names in this industry. The Whitmore Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and Pad is one of their finest inventions.

It is made of premium quality materials with heavy duty stretch cord binding. Also, it features protective thick and sewn-in fiber pad. Overall, it is one of the finest models at a reasonable price range.

Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

With the size of 15 inches by 54 inches, this is another finest option for regular users. It is a heavy duty cover that is made of super thick padding that holds and reflects heat perfectly. Your ironing will be more effective and quick. It is a long-lasting product.

The design is exclusive and generous. The manufacturer ensures that the user will get the highest satisfaction with this product. The price is also not prohibitive.


Home Intuition Scorch Resistant Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Home Intuition Scorch Resistant Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover and Pad

This is another ideal option for frequent users. it is made of strong and scorch resistant silicone materials.

Therefore, you can pick from 3 different colors. The installation system is quite hassle-free. Also, it fits perfectly and remains in the right place. It is a one piece of fitting ironing board pad and cover.

Whitmor Scorch Resistant Ironing Board Cover and Pad, Grey Swirl

Whitmor Scorch Resistant Ironing Board Cover and Pad, Grey Swirl

Here we have another product from the mighty Whitmor company. They are the well-known name in this industry and this Whitmore Board Cover enhances their magnificence vastly.

It is one of the finest tabletop ironing board covers today with cotton construction. Therefore, it comes with the 3mm foam pad and also offers Scorch resistant. It also fit perfectly with drawstring cord and barrel lock.

Laundry Solutions by Westex IBCAIE254POP 3-Layer Ironing Board Cover

Laundry Solutions by Westex IBCAIE254POP 3-Layer Ironing Board Cover

Laundry Solutions by Westex IBCAIE254POP fits most of the standard boards with a size of 15×54 inches. It is by far the strongest cover with 3 layers of fiber/foam and fiber pad. Also, this cover repels water and stains.

It features 2 undercover fasteners as well. By far, the most effective and extra large ironing board covers of the present time. The price is reasonable as well.

Laundry Solutions by Westex Deluxe Extra Thick Ironing Paisley Board Cover

Laundry Solutions by Westex Deluxe Extra Thick Ironing Paisley Board Cover

The price of this Laundry Solutions by Westex Deluxe Extra Thick Ironing Paisley Board Cover is slightly higher than any other best options in this list. It is because of its beautiful design and incredible construction quality.

This one is made of complete cotton materials with thick foam fiber padding. It also has the triple layer for easy ironing over buttons and seams. The fabric also repels water and stain. Actually, it is the design that made it different from other products.

Best Ironing Board Cover: Choosing The Right One

Choosing the right one isn’t that easy and isn’t that tough as well. But without any doubt, the right one what one needs the most for the perfect pressing experience.

Therefore, best ironing board cover needs to change every year. That’s why you must have specific knowledge for purchasing the right one. In here I will discuss some certain factor so that you can make your next deal awesome.

Shape and Size

First of all, take a measuring tape and find out the length and width of your measuring board. Remember not every ironing board cover isn’t universal in size. After measuring the size you can understand which size will fit your board perfectly.

Also, consider the shape of the nose of your ironing board. Different ironing boards have different noses for various purposes. You have to pick the cover according to the shape of the board.

Best Ironing Board Cover Reviews

Non-slip Cover

After measuring the size and shape the next thing you must consider is a non-slip cover. Yes, your ironing board cover must be non-slip. Otherwise, you will not be able to press your cloth comfortably. It will not keep in right place.


If you press your clothes on a regular basis, you have to consider unbleached cotton made ironing board cover. The unbleached cotton material is suitable and a practical option for sewing and quilting as well. But remember if your iron is too hot or you keep your iron down on the surface for long, cotton made cover will scorch.

You can also pick metallic covers that are made of fabric but the exposed surface is woven with copper. Those type of covers allows the heat of the iron to be reflected back into the fabric. Those metallic covers speed up the ironing process.

Heavy felt lining:

The lining of the cover must be thick enough so that it can create a bugger between the garment and perforated ironing board. Some board covers come with the lined foam pad. Foam covers frequently lose its shape. If the cover has felt lining it will keep it more durable and also keep the shape for long.

If you consider those above factors carefully, you will be able to pick the right ironing board every single time. if you are a DIY person and press your clothes frequently, you must learn those factors.


By far those are the best ironing board cover of the present time. You can pick one without any second thought. Therefore, the price is quite reasonable and you will definitely find one in your budget. Don’t think much just pick one of those and according to the size of your board and enjoy your pressing session.

However, that’s all for now. We will meet again soon with lots of other tips and hacks. Till then:

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