Aren’t you tired of your messy, unattractive closet? A messy closet doesn’t only look bad but can cause quite a pain. Like when you have to wear something sweet for your occasion but can’t find it through all that junk. Keeping your closet organized using clothes hangers can save you a lot of time and also maintain the quality of your clothes.

Best Clothes Hangers

It doesn’t mean that you should use standard utilities to arrange your clothes finely. Most of the hanger’s people uses are either made of plastic or thin wires which aren’t durable. They can easily spoil your properly pressed clothes.

They wear out soon, and some even damage your clothes. It is vital you not only use good quality hangers but also buy a whole set of the same one. This will ensure your closet looks neat and tidy and stays that way.

Searching for anything of good quality nowadays is very stressing and painful. The worst part is many people end up buying what they shouldn’t have, being a victim of false advertisement. The bottom line is you can never be too sure.

But you can trust us and our picks because we have soulfully committed to this task. We reviewed some of the best clothes hangers we could get our hands on. And we promise our reviewed products won’t let you down.

Best Clothes Hangers: Our Top Picks

The number of types of clothes hangers is wide. They come in different sizes, shapes, design, texture, and functionality. Some hangers are made for particular purposes like for hanging shirts and pants to coats and jackets. So we will be reviewing three categories of hangers including Best Clothes Hangers, Best Pant Hangers, and Best Shirt Hangers.

Best Hanger for Clothes 2019 Through Reviews

Velvet Clothes Hangers 50 Pack

Get ready for a world full of convenience with the Velvet Hangers from CRISNEL. The first thing that appeals to the eye is the sleek profile of the hanger and its texture.

They are covered by luxurious flocked velvet that feels smooth. This velvety textured surface protects your clothes from damage and keeps them snugly in place.

They are also incredibly non-slip, so don’t worry about your clothes from ever leaving their place.

This best clothes hanger has an intelligent ergonomic design with notches on the shoulders and an extra bar for accessories along with the pant bar. And the swivel hook has a beautiful chrome finish that holds just as great.

Durable, lightweight material construction makes it super durable yet sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of clothes.

They may be flexible, but they won’t easily bend and brake making them the best suit hangers. We have titled it the “Butler luxury hanger” for its uniquely unmatched properties.

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Premium Velvet Clothes Hangers Heavy duty

People get frustrated when they don’t understand what they want. And when it comes to dealing with closets most people wish to is efficient space management.

So say goodbye to your traditional bulky hangers and get the Home-it Premium Velvet Hanger.

This heavy-duty hanger is compact and powerful. The high-grade plastic material construction enables it to stay calm even when holding on to heavy clothes. The design is simple, attractive and ergonomic.

A beautiful slim silhouette lets it stick in place without tangling. It also has a sturdy pant bar and shoulder notches for your tank tops and skirts.

Its unique shape also enables it to prevent clothes from creasing and slipping. The hanger comes in a set of 50, which is an adequate amount for all your storing needs.

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6 Pack of IPOW Black Plastic Foldable Clothes Hangers

When it comes to closets clothes, hangers are a must. And to ensure that they offer you the utmost convenience the makers of the IPOW clothes hangers have done something unique.

You probably don’t need to use the hangers all the time, especially if you have nothing to hang. In such case storing them could be a hassle as they are mostly in a rigid frame.

Luckily the IPOW clothes hanger comes with a unique, efficient design. This unique design lets the hanger folded in half, giving you twice the room for storage.

This closet foldable hangers can wrap three times, so you can use it any way you want. The material construction is also very durable and skin-friendly.

You can carry this plastic hanger anywhere you want, just put it in your luggage and forget about it.

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AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Cloth Hangers

Surely Amazon won’t ever let you down when it comes to dealing with product quality. The AmazonBasics Velvet hanger is undoubtedly one of the best clothes hanger in our list.

They are made with some of the highest grade materials and finished to elegant design.

With their slim body design, they offer a sleek profile to your closet. The velvet outer surface means your clothes will never slip out of place.

The velvet texture also assures the excellent quality of your clothes. So don’t worry about your fabrics forming any wrinkles. The advantages don’t end here.

It also comes in three colors ranging from black to gray to beige. Therefore pick the one that better soothes your taste.

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AmazonBasics Wood Suit Clothes Hangers

AmazonBasics set of best clothes hangers our top favorite one on this list. But these hangers are crafted with solid wood and have a sturdy chrome plated swivel hook.

These wooden hangers are one of the most excellent quality hangers. They are incredibly lightweight, durable and durable. It has a sleek polished finish giving your clothes a smooth surface to lie on.

Unlike other hangers, the notches on these hangers cut to perfection, which offer a better solution for hanging tops and tanks.

It also has a pant bar which tucked in place meaning it won’t break easily. The dimensions of the hangers are precisely 17.4 x 0.5 x 9.4 inches. This is a comfortable standard size for any closet.

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Best Pant Hangers:

Jeronic 20 Pack Slack Pant Hangers

Aren’t you tired of bringing out your hanger from the clothes rack to hang your pants? It can sometimes be so annoying.

That’s why Jeronic has come up with an innovative solution for such issues. They are introducing the slack hangers which have open ends.

This best pants hanger makes your pant hanging duty easy as pie. It also has a sleek ergonomic design that’s just perfect in every angle. The design is intelligently structured, so it balances itself on the rack without tingling.

Premium stainless steel was used to give the hanger its stability as well as durability. The sure grip coated arm will also make sure your pants grip in place and don’t crease.

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TOPIA HANGER 20-Pack Cherry Wooden Pants Hangers

Call it the best hangers for pants or the best hanger for jeans, and this hanger is versatile in every way.

The TOPIA Wooden Hanger is “THE” best clothes hanger for pants. The first thing that makes this hanger so great is its superior design.

It has a thick wood body; well-sanded and smoothened out by glossy lacquering. The bottom of the wooden frame has a thin stainless steel bar attached to it and two clips.

The metal clips are wide giving a comfortable clutch with rubber cushions laid inside it.

This works ingeniously to keep your pants and skirts unharmed and wrinkle-free.

The most satisfying thing about it is that the clips can move across the bar meaning you can any size of pant you want. Its durability along with the strong grasping swivel hook will hardly let you down.

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Whitmor Swing Arm Slack Hanger – Closet Pants Organizer

The Whitmor Swing Arm Slack hanger is a multiple pant hanger. What makes it so amazing is you can hang multiple pants at once using only this hanger.

It comes up with chrome plated stainless steel. The design is however different as it’s quite broad.

It has multiple swinging bars with the black vinyl coat that makes sure it sticks to the bar hook in place and offers comfort to your clothes.

The mechanism of the moving bar works brilliantly as it quickly opens and closes without any disturbance.

You can hang this multiple pant hanger anywhere, and it will nicely stay in place with its swivel chrome plated sturdy hook.

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Best Shirt Hangers:

Tosnail 10 Pack Black Super Grippy Slip-reducing Contour Shirt Hangers

These arc-shaped hangers from Tosnail are the best shirt hangers for you. They are coated with black dipping plastic that offers a smooth surface to lie on without falling.

It has a dimple and creases free design, so your shirts maintain their inherent quality.

They will preserve your garments for the longest time and also eliminate shoulder bumps.

Robust material construction makes these hangers super durable, yet they are quite lightweight. These plastic hangers are easy to store as well when not in use.

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AmazonBasics Velvet Shirt/Dress Hangers

Now and then we have to attend a party or two. So it’s vital you have the best hangers for shirts in your closet if you want to look polished and participate on time.

Shirt hangers are special to keep your shirts well-stored without getting any creases or wrinkles.

And such qualities make the AmazonBasics shirt hangers are the best hanger for dress shirts. They have a brilliant ergonomic body design with shoulder notches as well.

The whole hanger is covered in luxurious velvet fabric giving you and your shirt high comfort.

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So here are our best clothes hangers for shirts and pants there is in the famous markets. Undoubtedly, all of the above-selected products are the highest quality and promises to give you the utmost reliability.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review of clothes hangers for 2019. Have a beautiful day and pick wisely.

Take care!

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