Ironing is an incredibly annoying job no matter whether you are going to iron pants, shirts, dress or any other clothes. It is the regular necessity. Here are eight hacks we will share with you so that your ironing journey seems a bit simple. Let’s learn some quick ironing techniques to make ironing hassle free.

8 Ironing Techniques To Apply

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is the best friend of yours while you are ironing. With the help of vinegar, you can remove creases efficiently and efficiently. You have to mix white vinegar with water and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Before, ironing the cloth spray the combination in your garment and run the steam iron over the spot.

You will see the magic. Also, this mixture of vinegar and water solution will remove those shiny areas on the cloth that caused by hot irons.

This mix will prevent yellow markers under collars and the underarm regions without even ironing. With vinegar, you can also clean your iron efficiently. They said vinegar is the best friend of iron, well said!

Reduce your Ironing Time like a Champ

By covering your ironing board with shiny-side up the foil, you can make your work faster in linen, cotton and other hardy fabrics. By doing this, you can iron those clothes from both sides. So, it will reduce your ironing time.

Make your clothes smell awesome

Just drop some of your favorite perfume to the water in your steam iron, and start ironing. Your materials will feel fantastic wherever you go.

Ironing with Pleats

To ironing with pleats, use bobby pins. It will keep the pleats intact. So, there is no chance of running them with iron.

How to iron Hard to reach places

Usually, we feel irritated while ironing between buttons on a blouse or dress. You can make it more comfortable with a straightening iron like you apply for your hair.

Get rid of Marks Left by an Iron

If your clothes got scorched while ironing doesn’t bother. You can get rid of the mark with vinegar once again, the best friend of your iron. Just cover the scorch mark with the vinegar dampened cloth and iron with warm heat.

If you notice scorches on cotton garments only use hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice instead of vinegar. Dab into the scorch and place it out in the sunlight. It will surely bleach away the stain.

How to Iron a Straw Hat!

You can even iron beach hats! Don’t be surprised it is comfortable as well. Place a damp cloth between the straw and warm iron and then rest the brim underside up on the board and start.

After that, rotate the hat. If you have flat tops, only just keep the cardboard inside and pack with crumpled newspaper before ironing.

How to get rid of Wrinkles from Silk

Ironing silk is a grim task. We don’t believe that. Ironing silk materials isn’t that safe. But if you know that hack, you don’t have to worry.

Just use an ice cube wrapped in a washcloth and rub it on any wrinkles before ironing. After doing that iron the cloth with the lowest heat. That’s all.