Ironing is one of the necessary household tasks that make people irritated. I don’t think anyone loves ironing. It is the mandatory task. So, you must do it properly. There are some things you need to avoid for ironing your clothes with the lowest effort. Here we will discuss some deadly ironing mistakes that everyone should avoid while ironing clothes.

8 Most Common Ironing Mistakes To Avoid

Ironing too dry clothes

People often make this kind of mistake. They try to iron dry cloth which is not a wise decision. It is proven that wrinkles easily removable from slightly damp fabric. Before ironing, try to spray water and vinegar mixture for faster and better result.

Not Cleaning Iron

Often people forget to clean the steam iron. Which is one of the biggest ironing mistakes one can make with iron? You have to clean the soleplate of the iron regularly. Otherwise, the iron can give your cloth starch. You can try faultless iron cleaner for cleaning purpose.

Not Cleaning Ironing Board Cover

Similarly, we often forget to clean our ironing board covers. Cleaning board cover plays a vital role in cloth pressing. If you don’t clean your ironing board carefully, you’ll get stains on our clothes during ironing.

Storing Iron with Water In The Tank

It is another ironing mistake everyone need to avoid. Some lazy folks forget to empty the tank while storing. If you store it on your soleplate you must have to drain the tank otherwise it can damage the internal parts and soleplate.

Avoid using tin foil

That’s another ironing mistake people often make. You can’t declare it a mistake as it is the preference of people. But if you cover your ironing board with tin or aluminum foil it will reflect heat back so you can iron both sides of a garment at the same time. Bingo! It will make your work easier and save your time as well.

ironing mistakes

 Iron dirty Clothes

It is strongly forbidden to press dirty clothes. People often make this mistake. If you press dirty clothes, it can make the dirt permanent in your cloth. Before, ironing makes sure the fabric is washed correctly.

Using too much heat

Using too much heat on a cloth can leave marks and burns. You need to know the appropriate heat setting for different materials. If you are in doubt, read the side of caution carefully. Also, you can watch out the label of the cloth. It will ensure you how much heat is suitable for the material type.

Leave the iron while it’s connected to electricity

It is another most common mistake people often make. If you leave the iron unattended while it is combined with electricity, you are inviting an accident. Nobody should do this kind of ironing mistakes. Especially, if you have a kid or pet around, it is strongly forbidden. Why take any risk?

Start with Delicate fabrics first

If you need to iron a lot of clothes at a time, start ironing with delicate fabric first with lower heat setting. After that, readjust it to higher and higher according to the fabric. If you follow such manner, it will save your time and effort. Irons temperature needs a lot of time to change when altering the setting.

If you start with heavy and thick fabric, it will prove to be beneficial. People never consider this fact seriously thus the make this mistake and start with light fabrics first.

Those are the standard mistake people often make. If you want to be a professional in this regard try to avoid those mistakes. That’s all. Don’t forget to read our making ironing a breeze for learning some cool tricks of ironing.

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